Ready your stations!


In the summer of 2017, I face painted at Tasty Tuesday at Hyder Park every Tuesday. My niece, Ema, started coming over to hang out before my gigs. I taught Ema how to make balloons dogs and swords. She’s a natural. We always ended up in a balloon sword duel! Now I must admit, my balloon sword skills are pretty amazing, but my niece kept chopping off my legs! LOL! Her parry and thrust is lethal! Balloon swords are pretty sharp.
Eventually, our duels led to the execution of the Epic Balloon Sword Battle. No longer satisfied with our simple duels, we thirsted for a duel on a mass scale. The perfect setting being Hyder Park on a Tuesday evening, where dozens and dozens of unsuspecting families gather to eat food and hang out. Ema and I spent hours blowing up, tying off, and twisting one balloon sword after another. Naturally, we had to duel once or twice. I may have lost my head once or twice. Then we set out to our soon to be battlefield.
Like every Tuesday, I set up my table and face paint kit around 5pm. But this time I had two large bags filled with balloon swords. When kids asked about the swords, I merely pointed to the sign on my table that read: ‘Epic Balloon Sword Battle at 6pm’. Sure enough, those blood thirsty kids came back just before 6pm. Promptly at 6pm, I handed out over 100 balloon swords to kids and parents. It was chaos! Kids were organizing, whacking their parents, and generally having an imaginative blast!

Oh the carnage!

We staged one more balloon battle before the summer ended, but every time in between the kids kept asking when the next battle would be. Barbarians! Summer 2018, is around the corner and so is the next Epic Balloon Sword Battle. Follow Facepainterina on Facebook to find out when!

Need some adventure at your next party? Order a couple dozen balloon swords and let the magic happen! Get a warriors dozen aka 13 swords for $10. We’ll even deliver them to your party! (Delivery fee may apply.)

Balloon battles are perfect for summer picnics, BBQs, company parties, and events with fun jumps! Combine balloon swords with a face painting package and get your camera ready! Tigers battling princesses battling Spiderman! Yes!


That’s my niece saying, ‘I quit’! Muahaha! She must have met her match!